Healing Heart Tarot

Healing Heart Tarot1

We often hear about ‘healing the wounds’ – to move forward, to raise vibrations, to connect with our soul, to align chakras, or just to let someone new in our life.
To open your heart to healing then we need first look inward, explore our self-love. So, when having a conflict with someone, instead of changing others – work on transforming yourself.
We SHARE our lessons of self-love with others. The spiritual expression gets reflected openly in public, social media. Created paradigm traveling the world.
On the mental level our thoughts mingling, it’s a good idea to ask: what negative talk keeps me from loving myself?

When exploring the feelings, some of them can be of hatred. It’s impossible to heal what we hate. Instead, change the perspective, say: I’m curious about it… Physically expressing self-love, we’re taking care of our body, serving self and others.

Only showing self-love in all expressions: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical creates the space for the healing heart. ❤️
*Using Christine Jess ‘Open heart Tarot spread.’

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