Reiki Sessions


  • muscles, body tension


  • stress, toxins, pain, cold symptoms


  • energy balance in your body


  • a powerful space in your mind and spirit to reach the highest potential


Energy patterns

Some Energy patterns stored in our Energy Centers (Chakras) are happy memories and some of them  – unpleasant and painful. Negative forms of Energy create blockages, manifest the disease. Reiki Healing is a way of balancing Energy.


Reiki Sessions


Clients stay fully clothed while in session. You can receive your session by standing, sitting in a chair, or lying on a massage table. Clients usually feel very relaxed and peaceful during Reiki treatment.


After Session

Drink twice more water than usual, since your body is releasing the toxins from the tissue. Reiki is not substituting for medical care, however, it will support and enhance any form of treatment. Reiki can aid the body’s natural ability to heal headaches, exhaustion, colds, injuries, sleeplessness, and other conditions.



The first session includes a free assessment. After scanning I will offer you the possible course of Reiki treatments according to your conditions. As a Reiki practitioner, I use the approach of non-invasive techniques to allow universal energy to flow to the client for their overall relaxation, health, and well-being. Reiki can be done with or without a light physical touch.

Please, remember, that as Reiki practitioner I won’t provide a medical diagnosis or recommend discontinuance of medically prescribed treatments.


Reiki Course

It’s recommended to book the package of more than one session for prolonged healing, to create a healthy habit, to help rewind your brain. For more information please read Reiki Benefits Page.


body, mind and spirit alignment

‘BODY, MIND & SPIRIT’ alignment

We’re healthy when all our levels of existence are balanced and aligned. This will be the focus of your Reiki Session. Tarot helps to get the insight on overcoming the issues of our energetic bodies presented at that moment.
1.5 hr. $135

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Reiki Sessions


Available monthly packages are the following:
• 1-hour session $75

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• 4x 30min. sessions $145

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• 4x 1 hour sessions $280

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• 2x 1 hour sessions $145

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10 min free intro to Reiki


For first time clients free Reiki Session. Fill the Contact form. Tell about your convenient day and time. Read about Reiki, wear comfortable clothing.


If your life is currently burdened by stress, anxiety, anger or depression – you have a low threshold for stress. How much better would you feel, if your brain rewired itself to limit the release of stress hormones? Learn Reiki to live a balanced life, and to help others too.

Group of 2-4
4 hours. $150

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Reiki Distance Healing 1 week

Receive every day:
* boost of energy
* protection from fear, stress, anxiety
* state of relaxation, peace, and harmony for the mind, body, and soul.
Customized healing available upon request.

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Boost energy level every week, choose from the topics:
* relationships
* health
* money, career
* spiritual growth

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2-hr Coaching with NLP + Reiki Sessions

Releasing negative emotions, aligning chakras and integrating parts feels good after productive coaching session.


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