Tarot Reflections

…Your description of me being a strong thinker and defensive and suspicious was exact. You are the first reader who has said anything positive about him, that he’s loving. Most people don’t like him. My stability of being solid foundation is true. I’m thinking he’s more of a flow type…

Kimberly Norato


…  I liked how you stepped me through the cards and their meanings and then did the summary at the end.  It felt like you were next to me giving me the reading…

 …I had this reading so it can be reviewed at a later date.  Reading it today I see/feel  a few different things.  When you first sent it I saw the way to letting go of the past was to step into the future.  Reading it today I see more of what that future is then I did when I first read it.

 Thank you,

Anna Nowell


My business questions were very accurate. I am working on bigger ideas than just clothing, more like a whole lifestyle. I have been working on myself and following my intuition.
My daughter has been struggling with anxiety the past year. The balance part is very accurate as that is what we’re working on.

Thank you!


I got your reading, and it was very thorough and understandable.  Thanks for your time and effort in it.  And, yes I am definitely looking for the man that can give me everything that I am looking for in romance and love and that I can return the same to him also! 

Thanks for the reading, I found it to be very honest and informative.


Hi Irene,

I do not not know much about Tarot but I think your answer is accurate.

I have just finished one phase in my personal life and I feel I need to change along with this exactly as you said “elements of my everyday life, my routine, my habits”.

I must think on all your reading in details…

…I think your Tarot reading confirms my recent decision on changes 🙂

All the best,


Thanks you Irene . I really appreciate your time helping me . I am sooo stressed and very sad . I believe in everything you said . Things are clearer and hearing those from you , ease the pain in my heart . I am sure now that he was pressured not because of getting married but because he couldn’t provide.


Thank you very much,this gives me a lot to think about.  I really appreciate your time reading for me. It was very helpful.