Irene_October_2015Irene, Certified Reiki Master on October 2011 with Meta Institute, MN. Since then I have started giving Reiki to other people. Practicing Reiki self-care every day twice, in the morning and in the evening, has helped me to develop my relationship with Reiki and deepen my understanding of this modality.

I’m participating in Healing Circle with practitioners of different modalities, where we share our experience and knowledge, working as the team, helping our community.

Also, I’ve completed Quantum-Touch class;  been studying in the program for spiritual and psychic development led by popular medium, psychic, intuitive and ghostbuster, Echo Bodine. I’m working with Tarot cards, developing intuition and distant healing skills: a member of the Distant Healing Network.


Listening to that ‘little voice within’, teaching piano/voice, blogging, writing poetry, healing the soul, singing the song…
I’m doing all simultaneously.
Welcome, seekers! I invite you to join me on the soul journey.
Yes, I wear the different hats, but in my integrity-chasing journey, I’ve got the ‘knowing’: by doing all that I do ( what I love to do) I heal people around me, positively touching their lives.
Actually, we all do it, when are in our appropriate place.

Developing skills, self-healing

Rewinding now my past I recall while working as a piano teacher, I often sensed when a student (parent too!) needed healing, and unconsciously would provide it.
Even in high school. The unknown photo published by the former classmate, where I’m holding my hands above the friends while they’re resting after graduation long walk to meet the sunrise, – amazed me!
Being Reiki Master for 8 years now by practicing self-healing every day I’ve developed mindfulness, (every minute attention, ability to stay in presence), positive energy, the habit to let the energy flow without suppressing it.

I’m following my soul’s desires and longings.
Please, visit my Reiki-inspired first blog with self-growth tips “Vibrate. Create. Resonate”, my poetic blog “The Sunbeam”.

In October 2019 yr. I’ve upgraded my energy attending a Certified Master Healer training, learning TimeLine Healing from Steve&Barbara & group, spiritual teachers and healers (Espavo team).

On the spiritual path

Playing piano all my life I’ve developed a special deep hands sensitivity, awareness of surrounding, energy. Feeling strong longing to be of service for others – I found Reiki modality, stepped on the spiritual path.

Service for others

My deep intention as Reiki healer: to help people of diverse backgrounds to feel confident, balanced, focused, having life clarity, freely express themselves in a creative way, discover their innate gifts to reach a higher potential.

My deep intention as a Piano teacher: to help children/adults feel comfortable to express themselves in music, to make music a friend! To help students to stay in balance while learning new skills.

Feeling confident people won’t feel that the world is coming to an end when get rejected.
They smile and move on to the next opportunity.


Approaching peace/balance in body-mind-spirit I teach/show how to find and stay in the moment, and use your body’s healing potential; how to avoid anger, work in a positive way with fear, sadness, overwhelming conditions.

~  When you tired of feeling frustrated with trying to fit in everyday life.

~  When you want to change the frustration to peace –

please, contact Irene, Certified Reiki Master, – for help.
Assessment session – 10 min – free.
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