Tarot Reading

We have different choices in our life. But do we need everything that is offered? Have you ever thought about what to buy before going to the supermarket? Or should you accept an offer for a new job? What the possibilities that the new relationships are the right one?

Tarot – powerful tool to help you make the right decision, to guide on your spiritual path, to heal by providing peace of mind and direction, focusing and inspiring in a positive way.

How the Tarot reading goes?

After you paid I will contact you and ask your birth date, confirm the theme of reading. During 24-48 hours I will return your completed reading with the photo of Tarot spread I’ve used.  Also, you’ll receive the numerology and astrological analyses of the situation;  + the bonuses:  Oracle suggestion and Angelic blessings.

Please, let me know if you’d like to have a phone, Skype, Zoom, in-person Reading.

All Tarot readings are final, no returns. Please, read the Tarot Reflections before ordering your reading. You must be 18 years old or older to qualify for reading. No third party readings.

spiritual path


Whether you only spiritually awakening or already in the midst of your path, – the Tarot Spread “Spiritual Path” helps you figure out where you are, and guide in the direction aligned with your soul purpose.

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release and let it go

‘RELEASE & LET IT GO’ Tarot Spread

This Tarot Spread helps you to
find out what the blocks/energy
hold you still and how to move on.

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body, mind and spirit alignment

‘BODY, MIND & SPIRIT’ alignment

We’re healthy when all our levels of existence are balanced and aligned. This will be the focus of your Reiki Session. Tarot helps to get the insight on overcoming the issues of our energetic bodies presented at that moment.
1.5 hr. $115

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blessings and challenges


This Tarot Spread gives the perspective on obstacles on your path.
Guide to possible course of actions.

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healthy relationships


From highlighting your communication traits, understanding goals and repeated mistakes to choosing appropriate way to create healthy relationships for happy life.

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‘CAREER & FINANCES’ Tarot Spread

This Tarot Spread – about clarification of your job, financial situation, career journey. The Guidance in this Reading helps
understand the patterns in your behavior about money, find the
blocks and beliefs slowing down your success.

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3-card Tarot reading


Ask ‘What?’, ‘Why?’, ‘How?’ in area of Personal Development, Relationships, Career. Tarot will guide you in understanding the complicated life situation, helps to make a decision/choice.

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Tarot inspiration and motivation


In our everyday routine we sometimes loosing motivation, the focus: why we’re doing what we doing, what the sense of our being. It cause a depression, so in this Tarot Reading cards will guide to new horizons, out of comfort zone – to remind about your interests, skills; encourage to discover new ones.

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Timeline Tarot


To get a hint about future we need to understand the patterns, roots in our past. And if it’s painful memory – forgive and move on. Tarot guide to releasing and healing past in loving way.

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custom spread


This Tarot Spread I intuitively prepare for special situation beyond all listed above.

1? $24
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2? $44
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3? $64
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Authority Tarot


How to make people listen to you? How to build confidence and know your boundaries? What is your uniqueness? How to leverage it for successful leadership? – grow your authority with ‘Authority’ Tarot spread. $49

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Tarot Lessons

Tarot Lessons

Learn the amazing tool Tarot to help to get clarity, to activate your intuition for a happier life. The package of 4 lessons. $105

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1 lesson $28
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5-day Tarot Guidance by email, text to help you to
navigate any chosen area by focusing on unhealthy patterns and providing action steps.

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