Community help


The Power of Community is supported by Power of its members. If material power is based on the availability of finances, then human power – based on self-power that is always within reach. Our self-power based on how well we’re connected to the inner being, our potentiality; on how fast we can shift our identity to align with inner truth.

We’re connected with each other by using the common resources, energetic fields and therefore, entangled, creating the future together. So, there is no way to try being separated, – by developing ourselves we evolving the whole planet.  Entanglement helps us to change the flow of energy, to power up the whole Universe.


Trying to adjust the energy level to fast-pathing day to day changes, and as a result – stress, frustration, exhaustion, – the main challenge for many people. To help us to understand everyday challenges, to unlock the blocks in your energy flow, I’ve created a new program using Tarot Guidance.

5 Days Stress-Free Tarot Guidance

You will receive short – spot on – Tarot Reading, Healing and Coaching (3-in-1) according to a chosen topic in your email box or by text message, on your phone.

What will you get every day during the 5 days?

  • personal energy flow status quo;
  • knowing where to put a focus on /challenges ;
  • action plan/the steps to overcome the stagnation blocks.

After 5 days you will feel more self-confident, knowing what to do, with higher self-esteem and joy in your life.

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