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Holistic Keys

Reiki Vibrant Touch

If your feel overwhelmed, under the stress, anxiety, anger or depression – would you appreciate to have ability to heal, to be in control of your emotions, when your brain rewires itself to limit the release of stress hormones?

Reiki Energy offers the relaxation and promote healing, it soothes the body and mind, the stress dissipate within you.

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Tarot Troika

We have different choices in our life. But do we need everything what’s been offered? Have you ever thought what to buy before going to supermarket? Or should you accept an offer for new job? What the possibilities that the new relationships are the right one?

Tarot Cards – powerful tool to help you make the right decision, to guide on your spiritual path, to heal by providing the peace of mind and direction, focusing and inspiring in positive way.

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Consciously trying to notice what make us anxious, we talking to other people, deciding the best course of action. Would you like to share your solutions with others, answer or ask questions to help your community, also read and discuss the innovative solutions for well-being from professionals around the world?

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“Holistic keys” – synthesized approach helping people of diverse background to create harmonious life by connecting with their gifts and skills.



Reiki Session and Tarot Reading

can be done separately or combining,

adding holistic advice/healing.

It’s recommended to book the package

of more than one session for prolonged

healing, to create a healthy habit,

to help rewind your brain.

Unlock potential


I am a college student and have a lot of stress/anxiety in my life with school, work, and a variety of other commitments. I have attended 3… Read more “Joni K.”

Joni K.

My muscles get loosen up, more relaxed. Calming sensation during Reiki Session. Tingling in the back and shoulders. Refreshing experience.