Reiki Benefits



If your life is currently burdened by stress, anxiety, anger or depression – you have a low threshold for stress.

How much better would you feel, if your brain rewired itself to limit the release of stress hormones?


 Released cortisol, when in stress, leads to high blood pressure, increased body fat, lower bone density; excessive cortisol makes you age faster.

Reiki soothes your body and mind, you feel stress dissipate within you. With experience more Reiki, your threshold to stress grows allowing you to remain calm and centered in the midst of turmoil.

Serotonin, ACH, endorphins

 During so called ‘Reiki sleep’  released ‘feel good’ hormones serotonin, acetylcholine (ACH), endorphins help you feel rejuvenated. Your brain will remember this condition. These chemicals control mood, aids in memory and learning, improve focus.



 Another longevity hormone is melatonin. Not only helping for your sleep. It’s also powerful antioxidant. Benefits to your body’s regenerative process, so vital to your health and youth;boost immune system.

Reiki increases melatonin just by relaxing you.


 Reiki Benefits

After course of Reiki any stress comes almost unnoticed, all problems – not a match for your higher vibrations. Instead, your brain automatically triggers your body’s natural relaxation response.  So even under tremendous pressure you feel calm and in control.

After course of Reiki you experience increase of intelligence, creativity, concentration.

 Reiki helps with:

stress, pain, migraine, headaches, MLS, behavior problems, memory, attention.

Repeated experience becomes a skill, where you can enter the desired high vibrational state at will without assistance.