October Tarot

Talking this month about consistency, I’ve prepared the special Tarot spread on this theme. Ask yourself the three important questions.
1. How can I strategically approach my goals?
2. Can I achieve my goals as a one-man-show or will I need to enlist help?
3. What can I do to become more consistent in pursuing the life I desire?

I’m doing this reading for the group, but if you are interested, I can do your personal reading for this theme too.

  1. Queen of Disks, rev. pointed on some challenges in strategical approach the goal. We not always have the patience, when things going slowly.

Also, be grounded, compare each step with reality. Start from familiar things, where you feel comfortable. Every new task take like a duty, divide into the parts, approach one by one, with no multitasking.



2.The Knight of swords moves fast, like a thought. But can he predicts with 100% of accuracy how other people will react to his plans?

So, the card suggests communicating your thoughts loud, discuss with responsible people to learn a different perspective of the situation, and make notes.



  1. Ace of Disks, rev. shows the challenge in the department of manifestation the goal, suggesting to celebrate every completed step to increase the productivity of planned actions.

Create a map of your goals in every area of your life. Organize each task as the special achievement folder, list. Reward yourself.






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