Knowing who you are


From our birthdate, we were told by family, school, society what does it mean to be successful, what skills we need to live a happy life. And very often the material, financial success was the goal. So if we had any other gifts, desires we suppressed them in order to be validated.

As humans, it’s true, we are really want to be approved, to be heard and seen. But how does it make sense to be approved for what you are not? what is not your main essence, your character traits?

Your desire
What is your desire? Does what are you doing make you feel exciting? Are you getting up every morning passionate about your day, your work, your mission in the world? What are you doing that makes difference in people’ lives?

What’re you passionate about? Who is a model?
To learn more about your desires just notice what are you doing for fun every day? Who is the person you follow on social media and in the real life? It’s your passion! The person is the model for you. Take a closer look at this subject. Learn about it.  Can you imagine yourself doing the same?

Act on each idea
Following your passion required to act on each idea, connected with it. Allow yourself to be inspired, without looking back on what other would say.

Collect a written and spoken testimonials about you.
They found your gift! Sometimes we are blinded when it’s concerning us.  What if it’s negative critique? Good! Now you know who you are not! Go from there to find something else your heart sing about.

Daily repeat the following words with enthusiasm and moving along.
‘I allow myself fully to be financially rewarded doing the work aligned with my highest values and greatest dreams.
Opportunities to share my gifts and skills come to me in expected and unexpected ways. I let go of ‘how’, and let God and angels help me. I’m a magnet for miracles! So it is!’

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