Connecting with your guides


You will never get anything if you don’t ask. Help can’t be received other way. There is the Law of Free will.
It allows you to make your decisions and choices.
How often we are helping others, and fall short to ask to help ourselves.

Speak loud

When get intention of what you desire – say it loud in your voice. Speaking this way – you will be trusting easier the guidance received.


By breathing deeply you fill your aura with divine power, increase the frequencies of your vibrations, open the heart to receive guidance.


After each meditation – write down your experience. We all have ability to telepathy. Using imagination and automatic writing you are able to develop the skill.

Perform a Ritual

For request being more effective, it’s recommended not only to ask, pray or write, but also perform a ritual.
Lying crystals, lighting candle, meditation music, deep breathing – use these tools for raising your vibrations, to tune in the spiritual world.

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