Spring Clearing Tarot

Spring Clearing TarotAs we’re going to April, it’s a must to revisit and rewind our old stuff and energy.  Starting from physical body, pictured in upper left-hand card, the dancing Page of Swords, call us to ‘shake-shake-shake’, be active, energetic.

What happening to our emotions? They are alive after cold winter again. But the cards alert us don’t overindulge, don’t get obsessed with anything material as food, belongings and passions.This is why Devil card appears behind so happy 9 of cups.

Moving next to our mental system, we become more observed, awakening and less judgmental. Also, the tendency to be authentic self is increasing tremendously.
Spiritual balance takes time to achieve as boundaries between reality and dreams are blurry. So the best advice  – to explore new moods and fresh beginnings with caution, staying calm.
Following these helpful, hopefully, tips, we will reach the May, where all retrogrades will calm down, and real clarity takes it turn.

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