Influences of Spring Tarot

Today I first time using Celestial Tarot deck by Kay Steventon and Brian Clark. Tarot is projected here onto heavens allowing  astrology, mythology, and symbolism inspire the cards.
22 cards of Major Arcana are represented by 12 zodiacal constellations and 10 planets of astrology with each minor arcana suite representing one of the 4 elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air.
I’ve decided to explore influences of spring in Tarot reading for March.

After 3 months of winter, when we put the ‘seeds’ of our ideas, intentions into ‘earth’ to grow, – now it’s time to reflect, meditate and prepare for ‘shift’ on our path, to see the ‘sprouts’ of success.
With Spring we called out of solitude. With new rising energy our abilities to remain centered will be tested. Jupiter, the planet of unexpected holding Wheel of Life, our spiritual journey.
The center of Wheel – the beautiful jewel – the symbol of rich innerself. The Fortune is shifting without our choosing. Be ready for this unexpected changes.
New strategy emerges (Ace of swords, Southern Cross or Crucis), the energy of consciousness to navigate the current month of March.
To Sum-up: be aware of what you have desired, unexpected changes coming, stay centered, meditate, be mindful.

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