Aspirational Tarot: big vision and small steps

Temperance, 2 of swords, 10 of pentacles RX .
Big vision and small steps. This is how reaching aspiration works. For December I randomly picked 3 cards reflecting these everyday efforts.
[Temperance] We, tempered in ‘trials and errors’ through year, so it helps to accept the challenges of December.
[2 of swords] Always having choices, still we need find the priority, what to put attention on, what behavior to choose. Maybe this is good time for truce, to see which decision could make you feel comfortable, in balance and with clear vision. Don’t avoid or hide the problem. When faced, the issue – easy to solve, and hence, – heal the situation.
[10 of pentacles, reversed] Emotionally stronger, we are ready to try new, adventures ways of discovering our dream. Of course, holidays demand some investment. And money spent for family and close ones satisfy us and fulfil with gratitude and universal blessings! Producing someone else’s aspiration – what a beautiful way to attract more for yourself.
Sum-up: Facing ‘challenges’ of December, try to not overindulge, be prepared mentally first to avoid havoc.

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