Communication with animals


I love to share with you the word of Vianna Stibal “Seven planes of existence”. Feel like this knowledge can help many of animals’ fans.
“…most animals don’t understand the spoken word. A much more realistic way to communicate with an animal is to form a picture and then telepathically transfer it to its mind. Most animals communicate by sending pictures and vibrations. They do not intuitively send words, but use feelings, emotions, and images.”
This is what happened when I was playing the music “Last Run Home” from the album “Lyric Scenes” by Mary Leaf about the dog who was born with heart defect…
The student’s dog Romeo before lying peacefully aside, suddenly ‘attacked’ me… so I stopped playing to calm and reassure him that everything is fine, (feeling so touched and loving this gentle soul.) The week later my student commented that the dog always was stopping her from playing this music.
Sometimes dog owners communicate with their animal telepathically unconsciously…
Other animals also have their ways to communicate with us, and for those who are next to them it’s useful to know their unique skills, traits and features.
Cats magnifying, mirror human energy, psychic skills. They are excellent healers too.
Horses sense you before arrival. They appreciate when you’re working with their legs, especially hooves as the legs – their communication tool with world. But be careful; don’t touch the ears…only when well familiar with horse. Keep one hand on their back when working around…
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

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