It’s the second week of January. Many people set New Year resolution: what they going to achieve in this promising 2017.

For New Year some casually wishing each other health,repeating the old saying: in healthy body – healthy soul.

How true is it?

Can we really be physically healthy if our thoughts, heart and body are not at the same ‘page’?

If we are doing our job just because it brings money.

If we are together with a person because of his/her valet.

If we afraid to follow our heart desire because people in our surrounding think it’s silly, not smart, not providing enough sources for life. The best they say: have it on a side, as a hobby.

Body is happy, when all needs met; when we can express ourselves freely; showing emotions/feelings and our talents/ gifts not afraid of being ridiculed or bullied by others.

Opposite, our uniqueness should inspire all, create a new and support a healthy progress.

In other words, in order to have healthy year, we need follow our heart desire, discover our unique strength that we will share with others and make the world a beautiful place to live.

This is why I’ve created this 3- card Tarot spread: Purpose. Direction. Hope.


 [The Moon] We are exposed to emotional burst, become moody sometimes with no reasons, often expecting someone else come and entertain us, not even trying to look around, behind our ‘walls’. The card suggests : don’t be afraid and dare to go in unknown, explore and find your ‘zest’.

[8 of pentacles] Direction you will find while forgetting about time and place diving in the favorite activity. If you don’t have one – just start to follow anything: at least you will discover what you are not about.

[4 of wands] Your efforts will be eventually rewarded. Hope filled with imagination, inspiration and intuition creates magic.


To Sum-up: Go out of your comfort zone to find your ‘zest’ and succeed!

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