Progressive Tarot for May 2016

Recently I’ve realized that Tarot cards can be used as a tool to connect and heal people, relationships and situations. I believe that the obstacles on our journeys – opportunities for growth, for learning important life lessons and healing.
In my Tarot/healing work I focus on bringing balance and alignment in body/mind/spirit.

For this month I choose  3 card spread I called ‘Progressive Tarot’.
The cards are in 3 positions: Aspiration, Obstacles, Path forward.
Following cards I’ve drawn intuitively:



To be successful this month we need to bring both sides of ourselves: masculine and feminine to balance. The card “The lovers” means also loving relationships with someone close.
Talking about the obstacles, represented by 3 of cups,  we’re suggested to pay attention how we express ourselves in a groups, at work, at any other gathering; what words we use to reflect our ‘truth’.
The fact how we open or receptive  to get the information we need – The Empress – will provide our growth, productivity, success!
Keep the channel open, pay attention, be receptive, esp. this month.

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