Progressive Tarot for June 2016

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy”…longer day, we become more relaxing and enjoy warm weather. For first month of summer I’ve picked “Blessing. Challenges. Suggested Action” 3 card spread.

 Following cards I’ve drawn intuitively: The Star, Knight of wands, Page of pentacles.

The Star


We all ‘wish upon the star’. With June month it’s essential to be close to nature, in touch with water & plants. Time to be more open, literally have less cloth on, maybe more flexible and allow the energy exchange with Universe . Healing happens here & now, when we realize ourselves as One with surrounding world. The channels – clearer, the energy flow – available.



Knight of wands

Knight of wands


Becoming more open, we try different  ‘costumes’, ‘accessory’ on to feel happy, satisfied with life. But make sure to wear your own, one of kind “costume”…



Page of pentacles

Page of pentacles


Acting on our new ideas, provided by stars/Universe – the must . Otherwise we create blockages in our body. So, please write/record your ideas.


To sum up:

if you found and follow your ‘star’, unique destiny, it will manifest in June with  financial opportunities, a new job, a new beginning.

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