Mask, I know you…

three_facesJust imagine: you are at masquerade. What a ‘freedom’ to hide your unique face behind a mask, also your character traits reflected there.

But do we need ‘a mask’ in real life if we by ‘wearing’ it hiding our feelings and thoughts?

To whom it may help?  Nobody.  You?  You think about being safe, secure this way, but in reality you suppress what you’re about, and by doing that – block your life energy, become ill.


Other people could help, but they don’t know about your pain, they are not allowed to come closer, to mingle energies and experiences.


Now, I’m not saying : throw all precautions and go bare-naked into the world. Some healthy boundaries – a must.


So, see, we need to know, what is that we’re hiding? Why? What painful memory it triggers?

We need awareness to help to manage all these frustration from past experiences, when we were not allowed to follow our own truth.


Healing our spirit

When we begin consciously reconnect with ourselves by observing our feelings and thoughts, we might notice our real needs and wants. Our seeming emptiness, insecurity shift toward fulfillment, we experience sense of safety, a feeling of belonging in the universe.

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