Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning


Every day brings something new.

When life around us changing we can’t stand but tend to improve too. New starts from first dilemma: shall we throw old stuff and buy new? But old things make us feel cozy, comfortable…. The question: how to fit old and new in the same space?

And some of us like to hang on the things instead of letting them go.

It can turn into hoarding…


Overcoming hoarding

According to International OCD Foundation one in every 50 people struggle with severe hoarding. Hoarding triggers anxiety.

Hoarding connected with social isolation, trauma, genetics, personality, starting early in teen years.


Tips to help overcome a hoarding:


 ~ clean often, spend 5 min a day to declutter a small spot, one only area;


~ pick a couple of things and find them space;


~ have couple bags: ‘trash’, ‘give away’, ‘keep or relocate’, ‘maybe ‘( to think again later);


~ put the similar stuff in one place/folder. Once you’ve created a place for stuff, next time put new arrival at the same place. Ex.: newspapers, mail, medical bills;


~ get urge to buy? put it in the list: see in 2 weeks if you still want/need it.



 We always succeed when having fun:


  ~ invite friend to help with cleaning;

~ do it in the group, get accounted;

~ once done,  – make a photo of clean room. It will help to remember to keep it clean every day;

~ celebrate, give a reward to yourself!



Spring cleaning also means clearing our speech, paying attention how we talk, what words we use. Remember that every word has vibrations, and words of higher vibrations improve your life dramatically, when used with gratitude and love.

It’s important how pure our thoughts, what we believe in as the energy of intention affect other people well-being.

And the last, but not the least: be mindful of how healthy you’re eating.


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi.


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