How to turn anger into creative force

anger - creative force


Oxford dictionary defines anger as “a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility”. This feeling people get when something unfair, painful , or bad happens. And immediately we hear: you need to control your anger. But what if we never know when this situation arrives?
So first and important – to observe what triggers our angry reaction.

The key – to trust our feelings, don’t suppress our spontaneous impulses, the voice of intuition. When we allow people to have a power over us – we become angry. If it’s not allowed to show – we start to attract those, who trigger the anger.

Exercise: try to visualize the anger as a volcano inside your body. It fills with energy and power. Create save situation, when you can express this anger: throw pillows, scream, box.
Next time you will hold the situation better, more consciously.

Many people afraid of their so-called negative emotions, thinking they might be overwhelmed by them. In reality, it’s opposite.
Reiki energy helps to step in this suppressed negative energy. Blocked before, now come to surface, it releases quickly, and this angry feeling dissolves.

Learn what are your real desires, wants and needs without influences of other people. Get assertive!

When accepting all feelings consciously we become the clear channel for creative energy, changing our lives in healthier, positive way.

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