Dazzling freedom of anxiety



Anxiety is a normal human emotion that people experience sometimes in their life. We feel anxious, or nervous, when facing a problem at work, before taking a test, or making an important decision.

Before anxiety can turn in everyday struggle and become a disorder

let’s take look at some moments, which may cause this condition.


What might cause an anxiety?

 ~ too many tasks in ‘to-do list’ to accomplish per one day;

~ having the image of desirable result, but not knowing how to get there;

~ too many distractions;

~ summarizing all issues in one ‘bouquet’;

~ not resting;

~ not knowing your body’s biorhythms;


Some tips to resolve anxiety.


Answers are always part of questions, so

~ if too many tasks – learn how to prioritize;

~ if all issues come in one time, – get organized, divide them at small portions, steps.

~ creative approach to resolve anxiety can be in journaling, writing. Try to write about your    feelings, thoughts after the morning meditation;

~ try Reiki sessions – negative energy gets released, anxiety – dissipate, you breath steady      and peacefully.




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