Overcoming the pitfalls of New-year resolution

Beginning of the year. Promises to improve. The periods of trial andNew-Year_Resolutions_list

errors… ah! too many goals, we say, – while the priority is important issue to discuss:

  1. spend quiet time alone so that you can focus on your priorities;
  1. invest time in self-care, refresh the energy so you can use it later to your benefit;
  1. set positive intention, don’t allow the fear and anger to distract you from moving forward – listen only to love;
  1. allow yourself to do something creative during the day: painting,beading, puzzles, a hurdle race – any projects you enjoy doing. Even an extra hour you can devote to creativity will renew your enthusiasm for life;
  1. become accountable. Join the community group, discuss your progress, and share with others.


We exchange energy with the world around us through the solar plexus chakra, 3rd energy center located 2 inches under our rib cage (at ethereal body). Here we begin recognize what is right for us personally without judgment of other people’ choices.

When this center is open, we able to hear the small voice within, our intuition.

 Reiki restore balance, clean the negative believes, cultivate the ability to make proper choice according to your values. After each session the focus and clarity of mind ,the level of ‘knowing’ are increasing.

It’s very important to listen and trust to these feelings.


“Healing – finding your truth, allowing an open exchange of energy between self & Universe, knowing your oneness with All”. /Allan Seale “Intuitive Living: A Sacred Path”/

Image credit: www. prindlepost.org ~ New Year Resolution List via Wikipedia Commons

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