You don’t have to suppress your feelings

expressionWe all have yearnings for love, acceptance, safety, and security.

Therefore, when feel inadequateness in some situations, we suppressing our real self, wearing the mask.

Not being released, the feelings create a blockage in our cells, painful memories. Awareness of both, happy and painful expressions comes through the root chakra, the energy center at the base of spine. Root chakra connects us with Earth, life force energy.


The denial in expressing yourself can lead to physical or emotional dysfunction, the closure of the root chakra. Consciously or not, we cut the access to universal energy, needed to fully satisfying, healthy living.

Dysfunction, lack of balance can create:

 * state of reaction rather than response;

* aggressiveness;

* acting impulsively;

* craving excitement;

* possessive behavior.


These all symptoms of the root chakra calling for attention and healing.

When the root chakra is open and balanced, the body feels calm, relaxed, without tension.

Reiki Healing energy addresses these issues, clearing the blockages, restores the balance within body-mind-spirit.


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