Tips for happier life

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When you find yourself feeling tired, exhausted – start from thinking about your sleeping pattern.

Do you have enough rest during the day?

Are you enjoying your job?

Are you overwhelmed by tight life schedule?


Reiki energy healing helps to release muscle tension, clear the blockages of negative emotions, makes your stress free!


But for how long?


It is important after Reiki session keep this energy balance by adjusting your life schedule to the body clock, biorhythms.


“… person’s life is affected by rhythmic biological cycles which affect one’s ability in various domains, such as mental, physical, and emotional activity. These cycles begin at birth and oscillate in a steady sine wave fashion throughout life; thus, by modeling them mathematically, a person’s level of ability in each of these domains can be predicted from day-to-day.” Read more.


“On days where your physical levels are low, you might want to refrain from heavy physical activity. On days where your intellectual state is high, you are likely to do better on exams. When your emotional state is down…well…be careful!”  Read more.



“Recent research has linked the dysfunction of biorhythms to the symptoms of depression, including disturbed sleep-wake cycles, daytime mood swings and changes in the intensity of the depressed mood.”  ~ Lindsay Ord. Clocking-in
Structured work might be good for one who needs discipline, and flexible hours for those who have multitasking life, freelance type of people.

But in both cases we need a balance.

If you enjoy your work, you choose your hours, you don’t feel it as work, and so you can be more productive, bring the asset to society.

In order not to get overwhelmed by your life schedule – use rest hygiene.


So, the tips for improving your life:


  1.   learn about your biorhythms;


  1. choose the favorite job and style of job: flexible hours or structured work  schedule;


  1. follow rest hygiene:


  • take warm bath to release muscle tension;


  • avoid nicotine, alcohol, coffee before bed;


  • exercise at least 2 hours before bedtime;


  • go to bed in same time every day;


  • eat at least 2 hours before sleep time;


  • keep daytime naps not longer than half an hour.


Organize your life. Make it more productive. Become happier.


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