Be a Peace

Be a peace 


  1. The Vibrations of Higher Frequencies


In physics, if two electronic modules are placed near one another, with one vibrating quicker than the second – the module of lower frequency will have a tendency to match, through resonance, that of the higher pitch.

In human system of body-mind- spirit –  higher energy always affect others. Think about the power of smile and laugh…


In Reiki session experienced practitioner channeling the energy of higher frequency  than the client. The healing occurs when the client’s energy field reaches this higher level.


While taking the session, in order to get the positive result for client,it is important to be open to this healing energy, be good receiver, have willingness to adapt to the new range of vibrations.


  1. Positive Result of Healing


…’to be open to the healing process’ means relaxing, letting go of your old fears, angers, judgmental habits, control tendencies, superiority of your ego, etc.

All of those emotions are of negative low frequencies, and will only block you on the way of achievement the high frequencies of vibrations, and getting healthy.


After the session, in order to keep on your own received high frequencies, learn to use positive words and intentions, which are of high frequencies, such as: I’m capable. I’m certain. I’m happy. I’m a senior of my body.

And, please, express matching emotions.


Be grateful for everything. List every night before going to bed 5 things you’re grateful for. Soon you will notice dramatic change in you, and in people around.


So, if you want P e a c e in your life, family, work, then be P e a c e.




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