Joy is a journey


You meet these people. You never can understand: why are they smiling? What are they happy about?

The answer is simple: they are just following their J O Y.

When last time have you experienced joy? What is joy for you?
  • joy is holding your baby for the very first time
  • joy is my family who cares for me
  • joy is the mitzvah to “rejoice in your festivals”
So should we depend on events in our life in order to feel a joy?
  • joy is not a feeling in response to a fortunate event
  • joy is the feeling of grinning on the inside
  • joy is an inside job
  • joy is in the journey
  • joy is the Torah
  • joy is the condition of life
Psychology of  Joy

As famous Abraham-Hicks advised the condition of Joy is starting when you just woke up. Do not open your eyes, feel the dreamy power of nothingness, remember it and try to keep this feeling with you the whole day. Whatever happens- align with this feeling of ‘less resistance’.

Compassion meditation, list of positive things, gratitude are helpful to feel at peace and open to honor other people in your life.

  • joy is a matter of the spirit
  • joy is my compass, an empowering collection of insights on following one’s own true path
  • joy is thine, i.e. belongs to you
  • joy is the source of your smile
Sustainable Joy

Feeling joy possible for as long as we are connected with our feelings of better us. Really we were born to feel joy permanently…

Joy is a consistent journey, and not temporary joy of ‘compulsive eaters anonymous’.

  • joy is a fruit that will not grow in nature’s barren foil
  • joy is like the rain
  • joy is the only game in town
Joy is here

For people, who tend to argue the fact of having joy just ‘because’:

  • joy is only risk
  • joy is sign of hope
  • joy is here again

Joy – very actual theme, I can see in social media in near feature ads:

* pharmacy in focus * network news * tools for survivors*


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