Do you want to see your kids succeed? Think: daydreaming


What is daydreaming?

There are so many different points of view. Just read some of them below:

  • daydreaming is the act of mentally removing yourself from your present surroundings;
  • daydreaming is unfocused imagination
  • daydreaming is simply giving permission to the mind to wander and come up with some new connections
  • daydreaming is a form of visualization
  • daydreaming is a viable tool for planning my future.
Are there any negative ideas about daydreaming?
  •  daydreaming is a “personality disorder” think some parents, as “if my child isn’t the next Einstein,- daydreaming is becoming a problem…”
  • daydreaming is a way of procrastinating
  • daydreaming is a way of escaping from things we don’t like to so or a way of responding to trying to study for too long without a break
  • daydreaming is so frowned upon once you hit a certain age.
What the benefits of daydreaming?
  • daydreaming is its own reward
  • daydreaming is generally associated with positive emotional adjustment
  • daydreaming is connected with intelligence and creativity
  • daydreaming is relaxing
  • daydreaming is vital to our success because the future is the only area we can do something about
  • daydreaming is simply way our brain taking a short break
  • daydreaming is one of the keys to writing successful stories because it lets you experience the things you are writing about.
To Sum-up

To balance all views, to sort out, utilize benefits – watch your child (and you) feeling better after only 5-15 min of daily nap. Productivity, clarity of thinking improves, problem-solving skills get strengthened, we’re feeling happier, with positive attitude.

Increased imagination and state of peace link to intuition,connection with needs and wants of our body/mind/spirit. All of this above inspires the development of artistic skills, creativity! Is this not what we desire for our kids?

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