After Reiki Session I feel fresh and alive. I’m more calm and relaxed. Thank you!

Khadra Bashir

Great Reiki Session and grounding exercise! Thank you!

Zachary S.

I came into the room with tight neck and left arm numbness and pain. Hands were cold. During Reiki session I felt warmth in my head and neck. My arm numbness decreased. My hands warmed up. Afterward I felt relaxed and revitalized. Thank you. 



I felt myself getting more relaxed in my shoulders. Also the stiffness in my back went away along with the pain.The session was very relaxing for me. Thank You, Irene!


I felt relaxed and certain part of my back got sensation that was warm. After the session I have some tingling in the affected area. 


Irene is very thoughtful and patient. She takes the time to ask pertinent questions and explain more about her work. She also provides feedback for how to continue the benefits of the Reiki work at home.

Chelsea E.

Many of us suffer from stress…from family issues, work and/or health issues. Stress can manifest itself in so many ways… My problem was a headache or probably a migraine.
I came to Irene to help me and she said that Reiki can address that.
After the treatment using energy therapy I felt so much better and so relaxed!
She also taught me some self-technics. I’m not a doctor but have learned through life experiences and energy work some helpful practices. With the health care system in a state of flux it’s good to have complementary treatments to help you feel better.
Thanks, Irene, for your help!

Elena S.

Irene has a keen intuition on how energy is moving and working throughout the body and she is skilled in helping bring about a sense of refreshment and equilibrium. I really appreciate Reiki sessions with her and always come out feeling better!

Jonathan A.

It was a very rewarding and elating experience. She is very good at what she does. I would recommend her to any one looking for Reiki magic.

Teddy B.

I am a college student and have a lot of stress/anxiety in my life with school, work, and a variety of other commitments. I have attended 3 Reiki sessions (20 minutes each) with Irene so far. I leave each session feeling very relaxed and calm. Irene has the unique ability to read into what areas you need help with and provides great suggestions about how to help. In a world that is very busy and stressful, Reiki is a practice everyone could benefit from. I will definitely be going back! Irene is a very wonderful, welcoming person. Thank you very much Irene!

Joni K.

It feels like a warm shower. My head feels clear and my body – light and warm.


Great Reiki Session and grounding exercise! Thank you!

Zachary S.

My muscles get loosen up, more relaxed. Calming sensation during Reiki Session.

Tingling in the back and shoulders. Refreshing experience.


I felt back left shoulder pain leaving my body.

My back pain was bad before, then after Reiki Session I felt it leave my body down around stomach area,

felt wonderful!

Kari E.


15 min. Reiki session with Irene equal to 1 night of sleep. I feel refreshed & full of energy.


After Reiki Session I feel fresh and alive. I’m more calm and relaxed. Thank you!

Khadra Bashir

I feel rejuvenated and balanced after Reiki. Thank you so much.

Steven Moroinkowski

…I want to thank you again for the amazing Reiki experience yesterday. I felt better physically than I have for months!…