When the Earth ascends, the whole physical universe can ascend.
We, humans, as a part of the universe, ascending too. Increasing the frequency – individual process. People, surrounding us get affected, influenced by our vibrations. If you have the higher vibrations than your close ones, you don’t have to do anything, just be present.

Our physical bodies are not who we are. Understanding of this starts the whole process of awakening. Learning from our experiences, we don’t have to get stuck here, in low vibrations, – moving to the next level of development, creating a light body, working with higher functions of being.


During ascension we can experience “ascension flu” symptoms with joint or muscle aching, tinnitus (resonant frequencies of our chakras), waking up with low energy or exhaustion, tingling, etc. what creates anxiety, irritation, restlessness.

Just remember to be patient with yourself. Everyone has their own experience of ascension.
Below are some tips to assist your body in this revolutionary process.

  1. Take a shower as often as you feel like. The water refreshes a body, giving more energy. You can say: ‘I’m clearing my chakras’ accompanied with your right hand moving in a spinning direction along all 7 main chakras, and the left hand – on the hip.
  2. Eat healthy snacks to help your body feel cozy.
  3. Take 1-3 min. of silence, close eyes, breathe deeply. Ask your guides/universe: what I need to know at this moment. Listen to the answer. Consistently doing this – create connection, an opportunity for knowing your truth by channeling higher realm, clarity.
  4. Catch on negative low vibrational thoughts, create the opposite phrase, repeat laud. Ex.: Neg.: I hate my job. Positive: I love my job. And imagine what is it you do love about your job? How it makes you feel? If not – visualize your favorite things you are doing anyway every day, it will bring you to your path.
  5. Create healthy boundaries.
  • What is a priority during the day?
    Focus, pay attention only to this chosen target.
  • Who is on the way to it? Obstacles?
    Limit your time with those people, news, situations.

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