Intuition based on symbols

Intuition based on symbols“The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning” – it’s about our intuition. Intuition felt in our heart and/or stomach/guts, or just ‘goosebumps’ in comparison to psychic abilities, ‘claires’. More precisely, developed abilities like paying attention to details, visualization and memory in the moment of searching the truth will be working together with intuition as approval tool.
 We are able to develop these skills. Start to visualize different objects: first look at them, then close your eyes, and try to remember the shape, the color, the size and details. Many learning games for developing our cognitive skills are online:
 Concentration – developing memory.
Puzzles – seeing whole in one piece.
Hidden objects – developing ‘sharp eye’.
Brain games – developing cognitive skills for life.
Find differences – knowing what is wrong at the pictures.

You become to associate with the picture.This abilities create understanding for each element of the picture. When given enough time the picture starts to talk to you on all levels of association. Many people don’t pay attention to what happening to them during the day. Some of my clients even couldn’t remember how they felt before the Reiki Session..

 Being mindful helps to notice when it’s something wrong in your system, surroundings, other people, and correct the situation on time, or if it impossible – get prepared. Everything I’ve described above -good preparation to work with Tarot Cards, where symbols pay important role giving us guidance and tips for success in life.
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When you consciously recognize different pictures/symbols, the Universe will point your attention to the particular object on right time: to let know what is the next things for you or to prove (if asked) the right thought/decision.
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