Healing with tones


In the book “The seven planes of existence” Vianna Stibal talking about music, tones and numbers as universal language. When we are able to see music in everything – we can heal with tones, we can change the structure of things; change the vibrations of something that harmful, vibrations of disease.

 Music works well with Autistic children, affect nervousness, brings calm and balance. One of my piano students likes to play warm-up exercises with closed eyes as if meditating.  These study at the beginning of the lesson prepare her to focus, creates the steady rhythm of the 1-hour piano lesson.

 Variety of music forms and different activities during the lesson (scales, sight-reading, simple pieces and more advanced, technique, theory, listening…) are very helpful for kids with short attention (ADD).

 For children with tight muscles I include in the lesson stretching and breathing. Gradually the student learns to observe the moment of raising shoulders and tightening of neck, and with exhale returns body in correct position. It happens not immediately, but with reminders his brain remembers to relax with music and enjoy it.

 For student with BD music offers opportunity to choose pieces of different dynamical plan, minor or major hue to assist with changing mood. Focusing on rhythmical style the student learns to listen and observe different patterns. This mindfulness helps to prepare/prevent nervousness, mood swing; develop a skill to communicate their needs.

 Music keeps you aging healthy, makes happier!

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