October ‘Body, mind and spirit alignment’ Tarot

In this Tarot spread I explore our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems.

For October 2016 I randomly selected 4 cards:


 1.Physical Body …………….   10 of cups

        2.Emotional System………     10 of swords

           3.Mental Health……………       7 of pentacles

            4.Spiritual System…………       4 of pentacles


10 of cups
Favorite season – October, time of harvest, variety of colors . Just enjoy your life!

10 of swords
Time to rest, not feeling well, wounded and suffering.

7 of  pentacles
Good idea – to reevaluate your investments. Do earned assets satisfy you?

4 of pentacles
It’s important to know what your spirit really wants, what will be priority, how and in which way to assert yourself to reach the desirable potential.

To Sum-up:

all our four systems are coherent forming the whole. So, in order to reach our highest potential we really need to know, feel when enough is enough. When you enjoy our life – do not get overwhelmed, make sure you receive what you can ‘digest’. After contemplation time feeling refreshed you will be able to recognize your ‘truth’.Would you love to receive the money for something you don’t like to do? 

Then prioritize, assert yourself, align your body, mind and spirit. 

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