Body, mind and spirit alignment


We are healthy when all our levels of existence balanced/aligned. This theme also will be the focus of your Reiki Session if you choose so.

For September 2016 I explore our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems.

Besides I use Tarot cards to get the insight on overcoming the issues of our energetic bodies presented at that moment.

For September I randomly selected 4 cards:


  1. Physical Body …………….   10 of swords
  2. Emotional System………   King of wands
  3. Mental Health……………    2 of cups
  4. Spiritual System…………    9 of cups


Physical body


10 of swords  – suggesting the rest. At least following your goals

and intentions remember to  take a pause between



Emotional system

King of wands 350x600


Follow your ideas & insights. Trust those got feelings, the little voice within..

More ‘aha’ moments in September, but only if you allow.. and being open to receive.


Mental Health



Do everything with Love, love what you do. Then the result will be better.

Subconscious mind remember happy feeling. You become happier.

Remember: the process is more important than result itself.


Spiritual system



Be self-sufficient. Connect closer with your inner world. Be the ‘full cup’. Pay attention to your ‘cup’ being not only half-full or half-empty, but also think about filling it on time with what serve your well-being.

Reach to your highest self, to your potential.



Following your activities, remember to fill your ‘cup ‘ with everyday needs including nice break when it’s time. Whatever you do  – do it with Love, create happy memory for happier habits in future. To your success!


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