Progressive Tarot for July 2016

Month of croaking frogs, blueberries and next generation of beautiful Monarch butterflies arrived from Mexico. Enjoy outside, don’t miss the beauty of nature.
For July I’ve picked “Blessing. Challenges. Suggested Action”
3 card spread.
Following cards I’ve drawn intuitively: 5 of cups, King of wands, 4 of wands reversed.

5 of cups

5of cups 350x600

As time quickening we have it enough only for more important things. Forced to prioritize, we’re not able to hold on old & move forward in same time.

Energy of July will help to grieve faster…


King of wands

King of wands 350x600Having only chosen area of interest ‘to dance with’, though, -challenging. It’s hard immediately jump ‘from pawn to kings’. 

We are struggling with leadership role, investigating deeper our new power.


4 of wands reversed

4 of wands 350x600


So, to celebrate success – early, but it’s a good time to arrange well our new position within as we can’t see the ‘flower’ yet, but everyday effort is important.



“Don’t judge each day by harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant”. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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