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Welcome to Community Help Page, where you find health tips and friendly advice on well-being from specialists all around the world. The Mission of this website to helping people of diverse background to create harmonious life by connecting with their gifts and skills. It happens that our best potentials are hidden from us by not allowing to look at what is not ‘normal’.

‘Trained’ don’t pay attention to pain in childhood, we automatically ignore our feelings, emotions; instead become very judgemental, not able to be compassionate. Understanding this, using your imagination to feel as ‘in the shoes’ of others – bring closer people in the community. Consciously trying to notice what make us anxious, we talking to other people, deciding the best course of action, share the experience.


Would you like to share your view with others, answer or ask questions to help your community, also read and discuss the innovative solutions for well-being from professionals around the world?

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